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Carmela Rizzuti

Carmela Rizzuti



Carmela Rizzuti is a multifaceted artist, she was born with a predisposition for drawing and painting and over the years, during the training course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, she also embraced her passion in the world of photography by enrol-ling in the Photo Conca d'Oro Club managed by the master and photographer Giuseppe Cilia. Two paths that apparently seem distinct and separate but in the end there is always a correlated research of visual effect between painting and photog-raphy where the artist creates a continuous connection. In painting, Carmela Rizzuti uses photographic technique and a mechanical reproduction of reality to construct her hyper-realistic portraits by portraying people in attitudes of everyday life made technically with a brush with oil colors in smooth supports such as that of plexiglass with the aim of get as close as possible to the effect of the card. Her works have an excellent response in the world of art because they are exhibited in various galleries in Italy and abroad including the Am Roten Hof Gallery, Vienna, and at the Palazzo della Permanente, Milan with publication in Giorgio Mondadori's magazine Arte. But de-spite the various successes and awards the artist does not see a good economic re-sponse so she decides to devote herself totally to photography, shots that are divided between black and white and color images, two different visions that are divided be-tween the exaltation of the image of light and shadow (black and white) and creative images where color plays a fundamental role in giving an almost pictorial and artistic rendering. In color photography the artist feels she wants to be part of using herself to represent her works with an often recurring theme that of nature and art, realizing all the various technical procedures both on the computer with post-production and real work. also creating sets and artistic clothes. An artist sensitive to aesthetic beauty but also to social problems where she expresses them through her technical and artistic skills expressed in a single image - photography.
With these photographic works, Carmela Rizzuti has participated in several Biennials both in Italy and abroad, including the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art, Bar-celona) and the Pintér gallery in Budapest.Carmela Rizzuti is currently participating in the collective exhibition Eternal Femininity, a project dedicated to the figure of wom-en and their problems in the modern era that takes place at the Palazzo Belmonte Ri-so Museum in Palermo.

Since 1991 she has been part of the Conca d 'Oro Fotoclub directed by the master of Italian pho-tography Giuseppe Cilia where she specializes in portraits. In 1993 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo where she concluded her exams with a degree thesis "Images", a series of shots dedicated to the refugees of Palermo. For a period she worked at Villa Niscemi in Palermo as a photographer of works of art. In 1994 she passed the selection for the “Oscar of Italian pho-tography” where she was published in the monthly magazine IL FOTOGRAFO e FOTO (yearbook of Italian photographers). In September 2000 she published in the monthly IL FOTOAMATORE edited by the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations entitled "The army of vision". In 2001 she moved to Florence to take a three-year course in Restoration of paintings on canvas and wood where she remained there for a few years for work reasons but at the same time she always kept her predilection and passion for photography active, continuing to participate in various competi-tions and publications. In fact, in 2004 she was interviewed by Michela Balzarelli in the magazine ZOOM. In 2011 she opened the Makeda Gallery where she organize various cultural events and exhibitions dedicated to photography and painting with the collaboration of the Il Settecento di Palazzo Fatta association. From 2018 she became a freelance photographer where she began photographing different faces working in the cultural field in Palermo, journalists, councilors, mu-sicians and artists of various categories and in 2021 she entered into a collaboration with the magazine Gattopardo and with the TV program Botta e Response direct and founded by Claudio Di Gesù.


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• ETERNAL FEMININITY, Museum of Palazzo Belmonte Riso, Palermo, January 31, 2022
• ETERNAL FEMININITY, Villa Cattolica, Bagheria, (PA), 20 December 2021
• CANVAS | MIXING IDENTITIES, THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London, from 15 April to 14 May 2021
• AMEDEO MODIGLIANI TRIBUTE, exhibition on the portal, 11 December 2020
• THE FACES OF CULTURE, video installation, Sant’Elia Palermo elevation, 27 April 2020
• BIENNALE DEI NORMANNI, G. Sciortino Museum, Monreale, (PA), 12 September 2020
• BUDAPEST ARTEXPO ', Galerie Pintèr, Budapest, 22 November 2019
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• BIENNALE DI ARTE BARCELONA, Meam, European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain, April 5, 2019
• NEW VISUAL PERCEPTION, Palazzo Fatta, Palermo, 1 June 2012


• COMPANY OF CARE AND LIVING, Acireale, (CT), 1998
• GALATEA PHOTO CLUB, Acireale (CT), 1997
• MUNICIPAL LIBRARY, Caltabellotta, (AG), 1992


• WITHOUT CULTURE, NO FUTURE, collage of photographic images, Palazzo Sant’Elia, Palermo, 2 June 2020
• THE FACES OF PALERMO CULTURE, black and white photographic portraits, Palazzo Sant’Elia, Palermo, April 26, 2020


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