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F**k U
Leumas Roa

F**k U



Title: F**k U
Year: 2022
Size: 40 x 20 x 75 cm
Technique: Sculpture. Metal, scrap and waste, clay, acrylics and wood.

This sculpture was born precisely during the acute period of the pandemic and the lockdowns: it is the result of the light-heartedness of not having to prove anything, without a name, made of scraps of all kinds, metallically cold despite the flowing colors. I could define it surrealist or figurative but not at all abstract: it is a sculpture that depicts our inner being that embodies our way of living "modernity" crushed by the accumulation of things that have given shape to a lean and weighted, deformed soul, with a head full of eyes - "genetic" horror of the soul - caused by the tsunami of stimuli that hit us every day. An inner life so heavy that it keeps us on our knees and not just to pray, nor to ask for help, but from which a scream of frustration arises from those who realize their own alienating normality. It is a last desperate act of rebellion to realize that we are left with only a small heart that is also dying, drying up. He then explodes in a scream, with his arm raised upwards and with a middle finger that smells of liberation, a F ** k U that tastes ENOUGH, that tastes like a restart, the beginning of a transformation.
Until now, this work did not have a real title: what better opportunity to name it after the exhibition: F ** kU

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