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Carlos Màrquez
Digital Artist

Carlos Màrquez

Digital Artist


I have lived surrounded by women, my universe is feminine, I have experienced their strength,
their complexity, their wealth, their power and that is what I inevitably capture in my work, they
fill my soul with joy and feed my spirit. My women are free and are at the top of the pedestal, they
are not afraid to express everything, they are not afraid to give everything, they are at the same
time fragility and strength, holiness and sin. Some do not exist physically, but what is there, in
their gaze, does exist. My women are always yelling something in their silence.
Many times they tell me that I am several artists in one, the complex and the diverse coexist in me, as everything in life is, as we all are. I expose myself in my variety with a constant, the wo-man,
with a particular color palette, with my graphics, textures, and planes that give depth to my work,
my work emerges from black and not from staining on white.
I am an artist with a disturbing need to work, the images invade me and I cannot stop until they
come to life in my work, once I am out, everything passes. Sometimes I think that I channel
constantly, since I never stop, either with traditional techniques such as acrylic, oil, watercolor,
ink, crayons or lost for hours also in digital art, I move from one to another with ease and mix
them, I do work three-dimensional and interactive sculptures.


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