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Sergio Blanco

Sergio Blanco



“Painting is a very private matter. It is meant for those who feel uncomfortable in public, those who are quite silent, or a little bit coward out there. Or even someone who would not speak publicly, but then he plays all in secret”. Gerhard Richter.
His passion for art was born driven by a similar footprint: from the loneliness of analysis and that perfectionist impetus which several times has conducted him to extremes.
Sergio Blanco, born in 1970 and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Son of a bread maker worked in the family business, till he felt an uncomfortable felling, that change his life.
"When something within you makes a noise, it is generally accompanied by a great change". Those processes do not tend to be kind, but inadequate in their essence. They do not leave anything standing, but appear as hurricanes, to turn every perspective.
In such a rough way -as life itself- Sergio Blanco understood that postponing his dreams would leave him stuck, motionless, puzzled by a reality that not only he disliked, but also seemed foreign to him. That sense of confusion was the driving force to delve into that utopia and turn into reality, Into HIS reality.
And in this way, his art was born: in the middle of that chaos, the pandemic isolation, driving by change, evolution and reinvention. He was able to identify that a great deal of his knowledge was just there, asleep, waiting for being free. He could overcome his shyness and his natural fear to deepen into an so complex entrepreneurship a the world art.
In his abstracts, he reflects a sense of something very internal, personal and profound, qualities that sleep inside him.
He prefers not to talk about inspiration. Instead, he defines it as a collection of words, events and situations that favor creation and identifies three fundamental backbones of his personal development.
His wife, Mercedes, who has known how to stimulate, guide and accompany him in every single change he went through without setting his hands free. Jorge, his psychologist, who had the hard job of leading him to the answers he needed to get rid of his fears. And, finally, Diego Araujo, his loyal friend and excellent pianist, who aroused the free spirit, that spirit of all of us have inside.
We invite you to join him, and identify yourselves with this process that will push and drive you to a better place.


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