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Tania Ciffer

Tania Ciffer



Tania Ciffer is a Spanish artist who has become a great reference within the material and texture artistic movement in which her paintings are evolving. Recognized both nationally and internationally, she has exhibited her artwork in galleries in London, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, and Galicia. Her work has been featured in prestigious magazines such as House&Garden, which has described her work as "sobriety, elegance, and an awakening of emotions."

Strongly influenced by nature, her paintings reflect abstract representations of moments, sensations, or experiences that the artist has lived and that she shares in her paintings as a form of expression. "In my paintings, I seek to convey peace, harmony, and beauty." Ciffer's characteristic textures, created with different minerals, precious metals, and unique elements, evoke natural creations and invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the details, creating a dialogue of feelings between the work and its observer.

"Tania Ciffer creates beautiful harmonies of color and texture using mixed media" - British Vogue.

Tania Ciffer works by commissioned painting, adapting her work to the spaces of her clients, creating unique and special artworks. You can discover and explore her paintings on Instagram profile @taniaciffer or by visiting her website

- Exhibitions:
M.A.D.S Art Gallery. Milan - 2019
Contemporary Paris Art Fair. Paris - 2019
Van Gogh Art Gallery. Madrid - 2019
Quadro. Vigo - Arte Actual - 2021
Festiarte. Marbella - 2021
Galeria Gaudí. Madrid- 2021
Espacio Mados. Madrid - Caracolas de Sal - 2021
Quadro. Vigo - Exposición de Navidad - 2021/2022
The Holy Art. London - New Horizons - 2022
Quadro. Vigo - Ellas - 2022
Quadro Vigo -Atlántica: mar y tierra - 2022
Uxval Gochez Gallery. Barcelona - Inner nature – 2022
Quadro. Vigo – Christmas Exhibition - 2022/2023

- Media:
House and Garden UK - Edición oct - 2020
House and Garden UK - Edición nov - 2020
House and Garden UK - Edición dic - 2020
British Vogue - Edición de enero - 2021
Revista de arte- 2021
Book Cover “En realidad la amiga soy yo”. Helena Apalategui -2021 – “Pintar con la luz” - 2022

- Solidarity paintings:
Fundela. Investigación vs. ELA trough ElArtesocial -2020
Fundación Josep Carreras. Campaing "Los bebés también tienen leucemia" - 2021
Tu Casa Azul y Fundación Ronald McDonald. Campaing "Un hogar fuera del hogar" - 2021
Fundación Aladina - 2021
Fundación Prójimo Próximo- X Exposición Solidaria. 2022
Fundación AVA – 2022
Asociación contra el Cáncer – Campaing “Breast cancer” 2022
Tu Casa Azul y Fundación Ronald McDonald. Campaing "Un hogar fuera del hogar" - 2022
El Sueño de Vicky - 2023


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