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Caity Salamanca

Caity Salamanca



Artist statement:
For as long as I can remember, I always thought art meant structure, art meant precision. Finding my way to fluid painting I realized that art means flow, it means expanding your mind and losing control in the work. I’ve discovered that the more I let go of the unwritten rules, I enjoy my process and see my emotions in what I’m creating. The most common response to my work is feeling a good energy, happiness coming from within. My goal is to provide art that changes energy, to feel what I felt when I created it.
Caity Salamanca is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area. At a young age she thrived in a creative atmosphere. Her artistic journey started with realistic drawing as a child, followed by various paths of art such as, ceramics and photography. Around 3 years ago she discovered fluid acrylic painting, an intriguing hobby that started on a laundry room counter evolved into creating work in her at home studio. She is heavily inspired by nature’s intricacies, color patterns, and textures.

When living in Berkeley, California, she rented a living space owned by a local artist, Roberta Loche, who noticed a sketch book on her coffee table and asked to see it. As an artist that created behind closed doors, Caity wanted to say no, but a tiny part of her needed Roberta’s professional opinion. When Roberta told her she had what it took to go all the way, Caity never looked back. She has been dedicated from then on to find her artistic voice.


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