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Mark Leising
Mixed Media Artist

Mark Leising

Mixed Media Artist


“Mark Leising's paintings and drawings are generally raw, expressive, colorful and contain several
layers of paint and ink. His paintings and drawings are modern, powerful, simplified, and abstract. He
uses cotton, canvas, stucco, wood, cardboard, or paper as a base. The dimensions of his work are
variable. As painting materials, he like to work with acrylic and lacquer paint, as for his drawings he
prefers to work with charcoal and ink. The foundation of his work are the drawings. These are also integrated in the paintings. Music, movies, and situations from everyday life serve as inspiration for his work. The lyrics he uses are thoughtful and have to do with a personal message that he wants to convey. The thinking process is the most important phase for him, after which he makes a few sketches as preparation. At last, he starts with the "real" work in which every-thing is given a place.”


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