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Airy spirit
Asuka Ripple

Airy spirit



Title: Airy spirit
Year: 2021
Size: 1167X910mm
Technique: Spray paint on wooden panel.

If you look at the clouds from a distance, they look like they have shapes, but when you approach them, you can't find anything that has shapes. You can't grab anything even if you reach for the white fog. There is no boundary anywhere.
Where is the cloud coming from?
My body is like a cloud.
Molecules, atoms, elementary particles…
From a micro perspective, the body is full of gaps a collection of energy information.
There's no boundary between this body and the outside world that I feel...
The energy that is composed of each moment flows.
Come and go, come and go...
The moment I incorporated something that was not within the range of my senses, I felt that it became an element that shaped me, and I felt that I was the one who discharged it felt like I was the one who discharged it.
Now, at what moment does it become my body, and at what moment does it cease to be my body? It seems to exist, but it doesn't exist.
It does not appear to exist, but it does exist.

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