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Anne Felicie Nickels

Anne Felicie Nickels



Swedish artist Anne Felicie Nickels, best known for her kiln formed glass sculptures, started her artistical career in 2016. Through years of research and practice, Nickels has gained an advanced understanding and mastery of glasswork processes.
“I am an artist driven by learning and exploring the limits of my medium. My ambition is to continually develop and improve each technique I employ.”
To create her unique, vibrant glass pieces, Nickels administers surface and color manipulation through multiple firings and finishes with cold work. The works explore the themes of cultural heritage, human identity and nature. Using the central motifs of faces and eyes, and decorative patterns, Nickels invites the viewer to meet and explore the soul of her subjects.
“My art has no intention of directly addressing any issue but more to open our mind. Life science and humankind fascinates me and inspires my creative pursuits.”
Nickels’s artwork has been exhibited internationally and published in several art books and magazines around the world. She has been rewarded internationally and is represented by galleries in both Europe and USA.


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