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Anne Felicie Nickels

Anne Felicie Nickels



Swedish artist Anne Felicie Nickels, best known for her kiln formed glass sculptures, started her artistic career in 2016. Through years of research and practice, Nickels has gained an advanced understanding and mastery of glasswork processes.


"It wasn't until I discovered fused glass that I found my true core as an artist. What happened was that the glass forced me to let go of perfection. Compromises are a rule with glass because you can't trick or force your will upon it. Also, you can only imagine what your artwork will look like after firing. Unlike a painter who can see the brush strokes on the canvas, an artist who fuses glass works blind. The only guide is experience and understanding of the nature of glass.
Learning to master the glass is an important source of inspiration to me. I love the technical challenges which add another dimension to the creative process. In your mind you need not only to know what to do, but also how to do it. I find this ongoing dialog between the idea and ‘how to’, most rewarding and for sure, opening the kiln is the moment of truth to your skill.
In terms of content, I meditate a lot on the human judgment of who has the right to be. Who has a soul and how much do we care. Science has had an enchantment on me for as long as I can remember, and it is an underlying thread in all my work. Whether figurative or abstract, it comes from my fascination with the soul of every life and how it perceives itself. As a viewer you are not only invited to admire the beautiful glass, but you are also welcomed to reflect on the visualized spirits in the art piece."


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