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Kana Hawa

Kana Hawa



About my art work
In my artwork, I describe the contradictions between distrust and loneliness, and the suffering caused by conflicts between nous, ethics, philosophy and faith. I think there are two elements to human behavior and thinking.It's "instinct" and "nous".Instincts exist in all living things, and they express the desire to survive and to leave offspring. In contrast, nous is unique things of humans, and I think it created culture, common sense, law, philosophy and ethics.
If all mankind lived on instinct, I think nous would have been created because social order would not have been established. Therefore, nous is the opposite thing of instinct. However, nous born to maintain order in human society is not perfect.In ancient times, people were allowed to be enslaved, and when war broke out,
to murder of enemy soldiers was praised...
The laws, common sense and justice of Islamic fundamentalist countries, capitalist countries and communist countries are completely different. There are also many cases what kind of the criteria for judging good and bad things are different among individuals.
These differences in nous and ethics are causing conflicts and suffering among human beings.And there is no compensation for the opposite factor, "emotion," and there is a possibility that the person who loves me now will not love me tomorrow. After studying, I came to this thinking, and when I thought about it, I had a tremendous distrust of humans. They thought that humans were not to be trusted. But at the same time, I felt a sense of isolation.Furthermore, being one of my own people aroused feelings of self-doubt.
These emotions cannot be sorted out in the brain alone, and they must be expressed in some way.
So I decided to express these feelings in my artworks.And I wanted to know what people felt, so I wanted to spread them all over the world.
And I want to know various people's ways of thinking through my artworks. Because, that might ease my loneliness.


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