Rina Horikawa
Digital artist

Rina Horikawa

Digital artist


Born on September 20 - 1998, Japan
Artist Name: Nasubi
Real name: Rina Horikawa

April 2022 POP UP at Koenji, Tokyo
Scheduled to exhibit at an art gallery in Hyogo Prefecture in September 2022

She usually works as a nurse.
As she works and feels the preciousness of life every day, she comes to realize that she does not know when her life will end, and that is why she wants to live doing what she loves.

Started drawing illustrations in June 2020.
She specializes in drawing pop pictures with themes of her native Japan. I try to use a purple-based color scheme.

I think what I am thinking in my head in a non-written way.
He is fascinated by art that allows him to express himself.
She hopes to bring her paintings to people of all nationalities.
I would be happy if people who see my paintings feel something.