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Frederico Lacerda
Digital Artist

Frederico Lacerda

Digital Artist



Frederico Lacerda is a Brazilian film maker and producer, graduated in Audio visual Production and Cinema in 2011, Post Graduated in Digital Media and TV in 2013. Since then, he has worked as a producer, film writer, digital artist, videographer, photographer and video editor.
He stood out professionally in 2010 in his first work in films, when he participated in the production of the film - Meu Péde Laranja Lima (Myorange lime tree) - by director and screen writer Marcos Bernstein.
He was one of the screen writers selected in the project “Revelando os Brasis year IV”of the Marlin Azul Institute.
The first encounter with art was very early, when he was still a child, he liked to draw and listen to music, and his favorite entertainment activities were the analog cameras his family owned and old family photos that were kept in a big box.


“I knew that one day I would find art and it would reciprocate with me, these days I am extremely happy and I love my work.”


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