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La Primavera
Rachel Mohawege

La Primavera



La Primavera 80x100x 3 cm Oil, Acrylics, Gilding on Canvas Created March, 2021 This artwork was just made on time for the first day of spring. Inspired by the grand masters Botticelli and Klimt's " Goldfishe" as well as "Die Jungfrau" and "wasserschlangen", the ultimate theme of the irresistibly, sensual divine groupement of female muses awakens under the first ray of sunshine on the day of nature's birth... this artwork reflects with its limited colour palette of golden tones and blue green transparent hues, the intensity of the warmth of the sun its magic effect on the senses, after cold and dark lights of winter. It is the awakening of the muses, and all magical beings, that form with nature an amazing unification. The women represent the muses awakening, reminding of nature and beauty of life, letting the sun and petals bathe them in blessings. The goddess in the front, is opening to the observer, inviting him to join this moment of bliss, with a field of wild flowers hidden under her hair. She is the Bridge between us and the artwork. Artist: Rachel Mohawege

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