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Walk on a snowy afternoon
Apoorva Mittal

Walk on a snowy afternoon



Title: Walk on a snowy afternoon
Year: 2022
Size: 9 in X 12 in (unframed)// 14 in X 17 in X 1 in approx. (framed)
Technique: Watercolors, ink and gouache on paper. The piece was created from memory after multiple visits to a park near the artist’s home where the artist likes to wander and admire nature’s beauty.

The artist is smitten by nature. The cold snowy afternoons in Canada allow the artist to witness the wondrous shapes and marks of trees when they have shed their leaves and are their bare selves, an ode to vulnerability and beauty.
This piece further intends to capture the warmth of the red plants and feeding birds against the cold contrast of winter.

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