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Tracy White

Tracy White



I’ve been interested in and influenced by art for as long as I can remember. My grandmother, who was a Plein Air painter, would take me with her on her paint days when I was a child. She worked in 3D art as well. In my grade school years, I was invited to join an upper class after school art program taught by an international artist. As I continued through my formative years, I spent my free time drawing and creating. I attended a technical high school and had the opportunity to spend 3-5 hours a day in commercial arts, mechanical drawing and photography. These different processes and mediums informed my work then, and now. This was a wonderful time in my life and lead to a great love of everything related to art and creating. Over the last 30 years I’ve designed and produced environmen-tal experiences for event attendees, changing spaces, creating unique props, centerpieces, and stage designs for a fully immersive experience. Translating a theme or concept into something that is experi-enced on many levels - through the eyes, ears, touch, and even mouth - has been an exciting challenge. Working in the corporate event world, I’ve been able to work nationally and worldwide. After a life filled with joys, and deep tragedies, including the death of my young son, I’ve learned that painting is my escape and my salvation. Bright colors keep me happy and I paint places I want to escape into, whether a geographical space or an abstract place I can wander through in my mind, bringing the world of my imagination to life.

Personal Statement: When you’re traveling the world of chaos, it’s nice to have a path. My path is through the canvas and the brush. Art has always provided a path out of the confusion and turmoil in life. Through child death, loss of a husband’s mental health, and raising two kids as a single mom, my art has given me a place to process my emotions. Finding solace in the paint hitting the canvas has been one of my great joys. When I paint I can get lost in the process. I’m just the open channel; the process flows through me, not from me. I work in paint, mixed media and sculpture. Through a lens of abstraction I depict intense personal moments by incorporating both rules and omissions, often en-gaging the viewer through circular shapes and impressions. Recently I’ve been working on two series, one abstract and the other a whimsical and quirky look at realism. My abstract works invoke emotion, intellect, and memory, while my realistic pieces are my interpretation of places I’ve traveled.

Shows and exhibits:

Metropolitian Art Show Aug. 2020
M.A.D.S 20.20 international Contemporary Art Exhibit June 19-July 03, 2020
Virtualartist2020 London Feb. 2021
Virtualartist2020 London June 2021
Bad Bones Gallery Iowa March 2021-present


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