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The Lovers’. Deep inside the Red Poetry
Rafaella Christoforou

The Lovers’. Deep inside the Red Poetry



Title: The Lovers’. Deep inside the Red Poetry
Year: 2022
Size: 40 x 30 cm
Technique: Oil on canvas

“Within the red womb and the gesture of the black letters, the Lovers are communicating in their own way. The emotions are bold and alive. Blended with primary colours of red and blue marine that creates the purple chrome and is in contrast with the light of the sun. The colour red creates and makes up the whole written painting and the story of two Lovers, the emotions of lust someone said anger but love can be seen. The woman on the left she is organic made out of letters and she sees straight, she is focusing and moving while the man’s look is freezing her at points. The man is yearning towards to her and his lips are asking for the blind kiss. In the middle of and in between, a small creature appears! I imagine its a newborn maybe a child maybe our inner child. The enlighten creature is looking up and at his mother side and there the story can start over. In the blink of your eyes the Red Poetry of the Lovers is in a constant move and it’s evolving the profile of the child its like the river that symbolize the new…”

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