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Yvonne Welman

Yvonne Welman



" My work is a personal reaction to social issues.”

She finds motivation for her most important work in ideas and social issues and questions about art, women,gender-inequity etc. Feelings like frustration, anger or admiration start the proces of making her opinion visible. She works with mostly in open acrylic in oil paint technique and often with textile fabrics with a personal history. She does explore the Zeitgeist from a female point of vue
Serendipity, time and technique each play their part during the process of creating the paintings. It takes a lot of time to create her work which makes it possible to add a new idea. She creates a complex stripstory from all the images that are part of our everyday life.
Time is part of the painting by its slow creation .
The slow process is similar to the endless household chores and female craft like embroidery and knitting. Its the opposite of the superficial pictures we are sur-rounded with every day.

Inspiration from artists like Breughel, Jenny Saville, Jeroen Bosch,Georgia O' Keefe, Ca-mille Claudel, Neo Rauch, Lita Cabellut.

Awards in Germany, UK, U.S.A, France, Italy. Swiszerland, Netherlands.

She has a master degree in Art and Art history. Later she honed her skills in 16th and 17th century oilpainting technique


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