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Abir Baltagi

Abir Baltagi



Abir Baltagi is a Lebanese fine artist, graduated from Lebanese American University with a double major in Fine Arts and Business Marketing, certified Art Therapy Practitioner by Maformation (France) and is a holistic art researcher. The artist is fascinated by the realism of the Renaissance art Touched by the feminist art movement of the 60 ’s, freed by the contemporary art concept and Driven by the effects of healing in Holistic arts is the shapes her work today. “During my childhood, I developed artistic skills thanks to the well-known Lebanese artists, Greta Nawfal and Haidar Hamaoui in the 90‘s, who bot introduced me to the magnificent world of art and artists. Through my higher studies at the Lebanese American University in the years 2000-2004, I was a distinguished Fine arts student. Artists like Chawki Chamoun and Youssef Aoun have influenced my perception forever since: in painting skills, as well as in Drawing & human anatomy. Today, with the entire art world on a screen and at the tips of our fingers, my inspirations comes from the myriad things I see, hear, read, explore and mainly believe.”


2022 (February) - Collective exhibition participant at Unesco Palace Beirut.

2022 (June) - Collective exhibition participant at Bodrum Art Fair.

2020 - Organization of a virtual gallery for ALGHINA NGO as part of a charity
program after Beirut Blast.

2019 (September) - Collective Exhibition participant at BEIRUT ART WEEK.

2019 (July) - First exposure in Beirut at ARAB ART FAIR.

2009 - 3rd place award winner at “MOBDEAAT” art competition at FOUNOUN Gallery Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

2008 – 2012. Collective exhibition participant at Atelier Jeddah during the years.


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