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Jennie Söderlund

Jennie Söderlund



I am a Swedish artist who lives my life in a small village in northern Sweden. Painting has been a part of me all my life, more or less in periods.
During high school i studied art and design where my teacher, the Swedish artist Anders Malm, inspired me.
I have a university degree in religious studies with a focus on people and culture. It is only recently that i have come to the realization that i want to let painting take a bigger place in my life, started showing my art in public and also trained in Vedic Art. My art has been shown in smaller contexts in Sweden and most recently at Medina Art Gallery in Rome in collaboration with Capital Culture House.
I mainly paint in acrylic but like to experiment with different materials and techniques. My expression is very intuitive. There is nothing better than a blank white canvas and see what wants to emerge in the process.
I get my inspiration from life. From my encounters with other people, feelings and impressions, joy and sorrow, light and darkness. Common to my paintings is that i like to leave a part to the viewer's imagination.
When my paintings speak to you, tell a story and make you curiously reflect, I have managed to convey what i desire.


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