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Windows vol.38
Park Wu

Windows vol.38



Title: Windows vol.38
Year: 2022
Size: 117x91cm
Technique: Mixed media on canvas

Windows: “I have seen a photo of the Notre Dame du Haut designed by Le Corbusier. Located in the hillside, the south wall of this great cathedral has 27 square holes of different sizes and shapes. It is a kind of lighting window, but it is not a simple two-dimensional planar shape, but a three-dimensional shape that digs into the outer wall and has colorful stained glass attached to it, so light comes into the room. Through this hole, light of different colors is mixed in each size and shape and poured into the room. Since the angle of the sun varies from season to sea-son and the location of the sun varies from hour to hour, it was very impressive that the interior of the same cathedral was filled with different rhythms every moment. In the same way, I work by mixing different colors and different materials with simple sculptures on the canvas. Just as the light passing through the window changes with the change of the sun, the combination of colors and materials changes little by little as the season I see changes and the emotions I feel change. As light accumulates indoors through the window, something that has passed through me ac-cumulates on the canvas. It seems meaningless, but I believe that such meaningless things accu-mulate to create beauty. It can be time, one touch, or a small dot. However, when I pile up those meaningless things sensitively, a beautiful thing pops up on the canvas. It’s very fascinating for me to discover beautiful rhythms in the subtle but different process each time.”

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