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Nele Rosseels

Nele Rosseels



Self-taught painter, born on the 12th of July 1965, based in Belgium.
My dream at a young age was to study theater make-up and bodypaint. Back in those days this was only possible in a private school which was too expensive, so I had to settle for a bachelor in administration.
During the years the love for colours, shapes and paint kept popping up in different ways. In my 30ies I followed an evening course of theater make-up and bodypaint. Then I painted houses for a few years. So I painted on walls, on people and the ultimate goal was to paint on canvas after my retirement to close the circle.
While surfing on the internet for my favorite style, the popart, I discovered the works of Francoise Nielly. Her paintings blew my mind! She takes popart to a whole new level. Then covid kicked in, and inspired by her style, the ball people, just living in their bubbles, came to live. Whether these are corona bubbles, lonely bubbels,… that’s for the viewers to decide. I had fun making them and I hope I can continue doing this forever!


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