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Tatsuya Yano

Tatsuya Yano



Tatsuya Yano (Yanotatsu)
Born in 1980 in Japan, I am the father of two children.
I also do calligraphy.
I started painting when I was a kid (8 years old).
Without thinking about anything, I drew what came to my mind as I like and my family praised it.
I was happy when I was praised, and that was the reason I started painting.
I like to draw my favorite pictures freely without being influenced by people.
By doing so, you can bring out your thoughts and yourself.

Now I'm back in my childhood, and I enjoy drawing my favorite pictures at my favorite time while remembering that time.
In the future, I will cherish my inspiration and the naughtiness of my childhood, and create works that have a strong impact that you can't get away from my mind when you see my paintings, and works that naturally make you smile and enrich your heart. I want to draw.


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