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Unknown world
Cosima Becker

Unknown world



Title: “unknown world”; Year of creation: 2020; Size 60cm x 80 cm, acrylic, acrylic marker on canvas; "Unknown world" The picture expresses the colors of the stories and fables that move us. The individual goals stand before us full of energy and show us the way. If we go it, we sometimes end up somewhere completely different. And the experience makes us a little richer every time. Richer in joy, richer in love, richer but also in sadness and anger. Look into the colors and feel the power that pulls you up again from the depths of grief. Go astray and feel the power of things that take you into the world of fantasy. She extends her hand and charms your senses. Feel the intensity and the will. The will to go your way. Artist: Cosima Becker

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