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Patrick Bezalel




Title: Mercy
Year Completed: 2018
Size: 100x100cm
Technical: Resin, oil and acrylic paint

From above, Abba God sees His Beloved Son Yeshua hung on the cross between two sinners. The most defining moment in history where the mercy and the grace of God satisfies the justice and the judgement of God. Where God pours His wrath on Yeshua as ‘He who knew no sin became sin for us at the cross’. Abba God did not only predestine the time but He chose this place in Deuteronomy 12:4-5. And it was exactly in Jerusalem where this greatest act of worship and sacrifice happened 2000 years ago. The valleys of Jerusalem form the letter and bear the name of God. It was on these hills that Yeshua, offered Himself up as an offering to redeem us all – sinful men and to offer us the gift of eternal salvation through believing in His work of redemption.

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