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Ms Kunda

Ms Kunda



Self-taught artist, Yamila Petruschansky, has always been interested in social justice and politics. Has been involved in the Feminist Movement since the 90’s. Worked as journalist for over 10 years, however, feels that has found the authentic freedom of speech through art. In her opinion, art provides a safe space for creative thinking and the way forward to challenge the mainstream orthodoxy and censorship, but unfortunately, not always.
Not writing anymore, not speaking anymore, now just painting. Under the pseudonym of Ms Kunda, lets herself go as it is described below: Ms Kunda is born out of chaos, improvi-sation and spontaneity.
No plan, no boundaries, endless.
Ms Kunda is black, white, red, green…
It’s female, maybe male, sometimes both.
It’s a bird, a fish, a snake.
It’s a daisy, a tulip, a poppy.
It’s an apple, an orange or a lemon.
It’s air, earth, water and fire.
It´s a star, a planet…the cosmos.
It’s love. It’s art. It’s freedom.


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