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Born in Hiroshima prefecture, hirohiro is an artist in love with music. She had a fateful en-counter with art in her life when she realized that she had always wanted to study art. The artworks she creates are full of vibrant colors, having been enlivened by her synaesthesia
Looking at her paintings is like traveling the sinews of time to explore some mysterious world…
You feel as though recalling tenebrous childhood memories, draped in forgetfulness…
A gentle, calm, and tender world full of endless innocence unfolds before you.
Why don’t you experience the healing magic of immersing yourself into the watercolor worlds of hirohiro, and be transformed by compelling tales dynamically and colorfully spun by this nature-loving artist?
She has recently participated in multiple exhibitions of JCAT Gallery, including the online solo exhibitions in January, May, and September 2021 and the group exhibitions “HO-PE,” “COURAGE,” and “The Gift 2021,” the 2021 International Watercolor Exhibition, and JIWI Autumn International Watercolor Exhibition.


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