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Who am I?
Sherry Farsad

Who am I?



TITLE Who am I? DATE Apr 2021 Size: 33x33 Inch Materials: Oil Painting on 12 Ounce High Quality Canvas (double Gesso Primed and Double Oil Primed), Liquin Original Medium, Gamvar Satin Varnish, stretched on Strong High Quality Stretch Bars. Style: Combination of Realism and Imagination of the Truth, Symbolic yet Surreal. Concept: My visual presentation of oneness with universe, divinity, realisation that we are all connected and of the same origin and energy. We are not our body and our body is not a fi xed being as it seems to the naked eye. Our breath is more than oxygen, it is the soul and energy that keeps the body moving and we are not a small limited being in a fragile body. We are a spiritual being having a human experience with the power to co-manifest with the universe! To be fi nished for the exhibition. Artist: Sherry Farsad

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