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Chromatic・Venezia・Fondamente Nove e San Michele・1
Chen I-Chun

Chromatic・Venezia・Fondamente Nove e San Michele・1



Title: Chromatic・Venezia・Fondamente Nove e San Michele・1
Year Completed: 2020
Size: 60.5 × 45.0 cm
Technical: Oil paint and Canvas

I studied Italian when I was at university. I went to Venice, Italy as an exchange student. It was very frustrating for me to leave home for the first time and face many difficulties in life and studying abroad. I like the island of San Michele very much and think it is beauti-ful. I often wondered, if I sat on Fondamente Nove and looked at the island of San Michele, could I slowly restore my calmness when I feel depressed? One day after a long time, I remembered this memory, and I tried to draw this memory, but all I could see in the painting was loneliness. Later, I started to research the variation of space and colour. I tried to simplify the graphics and use colour to represent their meanings. These three paintings transform from this memory and research. In this painting, I use the main colour of each object to represent the object. The yellow ochre is the island of San Michele. The blue is the lagoon. The purple black is my state of mind. The brick-red and orange are the floor tiles. The four off-white rectangles and the pink and purple frames are clouds and sunset glow and their reflections.

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