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Martina Karweit

Martina Karweit



My name is Martina Karweit, born 1965 in Germany.
My artistic side I got from my mother and it seems that it is in my roots since that it`s my grand-pa was an artist himself in Canada.
I started to paint when I was young and continued with it my entire life.
After a couple of years with a little break due our emigration to Sweden where me and
my family live almost 10 years by now did I finally start intensively with my artistic side
and art in general.
It`s a real passion of mine to create.
To me art is relaxing and healthy, almost like meditation even though there usually is
Rock Music on high volume in the background. I'm in my own world when I create.
My artwork is multifaceted, I love to paint colorful and bright, positive and “happy” as I am. Mostly I paint intuitively with acrylics and acrylic inks on canvas or synthetic paper.
I love textures, structures and what nature gives and offers me for using in my paintings. Some-times I mix and blend my colors by myself with pigments of nature such as sand, clay, ashes or for examples spices and coffee as well.
Inspired by my own fantasy, good music, nature and things around me.
I love that people enjoy and like my paintings and that they can see and feel something in my art.


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