Halcyon Talisman

Halcyon Talisman



Title: Halcyon Talisman
Year: 2022
Size: 91x60.5x2cm
Technique: Oil Paint on stretched Canvas – Wet in Wet technique using pallet knifes

A visualization of Enduring Peace and Courage.
The bridges featured are existing Roman Bridges at Penmachno North Wales, UK. I loved the magical beauty of nature reclaiming the land and the quiet endurance of the bridges that have stood for so many years
I added the Kingfisher because from Ancient Egypt to Native America the Kingfisher (Hal-cyon in Greek mythology) is overwhelmingly seen as a positive symbol of ‘good things to come’ and often connected with the change of future for the better. Dreaming of a King-fisher is said to signify the beginning of a peaceful and joyous period. Though slight in stature, Kingfishers are considered to be strong and courageous. My thoughts were with Ukraine when I painted this.