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Blue in a cage
Michael the Colorist

Blue in a cage



Title: Blue in a cage
Year Completed: 2019
Size: 100 x 100 cm
Technical: Mixed media, Acrylic and resins on Canvas

Gestures and materials appear on an informal painting. The use of grids makes the work unique; it blocks and keeps the colour as if it were in a cage. A difficult concept, but combined with the col-our, makes the painting magical. The work, in fact, outlines the story that has marked the life, which has built and formed the consciousness of the author. Through an informal painting, on a study al-ways looking for materials and, on a background, decisive strokes appear, brushstrokes linked to a thought, to a maturation. The interweaving of these combinations externalizes the emotional and psychological sensations, psychological feelings of the author.

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