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Lea Nike

Lea Nike



Lea Nike is an abstract artist who was born in Finland. She has a degree in journalism and has been a writer and poet since her early youth.

After a decade of deep questioning of her thoughts and beliefs in her fervent search for inner peace, she found herself painting from that internal place of silence and sparkling joy.

Lea is a painter who uses her strong intuition as the foundation of her artwork. The inspiration for her art pieces arises from her internal stillness. Her art reflects the vibrant and magnificent worlds experienced within.

"I feel the essence of a painting in my mind. It's like a landscape of an emotion or a spiritual atmosphere. The painting emerges from that essence that is carried within my heart throughout the painting process."

Her works appear as dreamlike images in which realities meet, meanings shift, and past and present fuse into timelessness. Her paintings are considered mature, vibrant, shimmering and harmonious.

Lea's passion for inner peace, freedom and joy is the organic theme of her paintings. She is curious about finding the common ground, the love that unites us all in every encounter. This common ground is where her artistic expression blossoms.


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