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Sylvia Solovyeva

Sylvia Solovyeva




Sylvia Solovyeva was born in Kamchatka. At an early age, she moved to Moscow, where she received her higher education. She graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Design at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

After a long hiatus, Sylvia returned to active painting in 2020. In the spring of 2021, she had a solo exhibition. She lives and works in Moscow.

Artistic statement

My art is always an attempt to go beyond the borders of reality and give free rein to my imagination engulfing my heart. It’s a wild life and an irrepressible voice of color. The sun lives here, flaming and burning, directing every movement of my brush.

My paintings are centered around humans freeing their emotions which go beyond the canvas. Exaggerated strokes, a contrast of colors, and often loud flair are enhancing the perception of the reality created by the imagination. Visions and impressions go through my mind and mix with the bright color expression. However, the expressiveness of my paintings has an exclusively life-asserting meaning.


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