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Oleg Gant

Oleg Gant



Oleg Gant is a photographer, journalist, and digital artist. For a long time, he worked as a journalist in Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. He has reported on hot spots in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and has lived and worked in Tajikistan. Nowadays, he is engaged in creative photography and collaborates as a photographer with various organizations and companies.

For a long time, Oleg Gant worked as a documentary photographer, strictly capturing the moment as a photojournalist. Over the past few years, he has moved away from the simple fixation of the shot to artistic photography. In his work, he creates connected visual series from different planes. Seeks to capture moments when different elements of life converge to create a unique visual pattern. His works have been shown at solo and group exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and New York. His personal exhibition "What Women Keep Silent About" devoted to the problems of domestic violence was shown in Russia, Chechnya, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

The author's work straddles the line between reality and fantasy. It is often difficult to understand where reality transforms into a fairy tale, a story the beginning of which we see and the continuation of which we create ourselves in our imagination.

In his work the author is not just trying to capture an event, he captures the moment of turning, of transformation, of characters and events from one state to another.

Oleg makes us stop, slow down our run through life, and start looking for ourselves or our double in each of his pictures. His works are characterized by an unconventional look, a non-trivial solution. They immerse the viewer in a process of contemplation, in fantasy, in worlds that the viewer creates himself, looking in and trying to find his meaning and his story in each of his photographs.

The photographer's work forces the viewer to stop, peer, and look closely for the smallest details in his works. And there are a lot of them, encoded and hidden in each picture. The author does not give ready-made solutions, does not offer his own interpretation of the visual image, but gives pointers, following which the viewer can make incredible discoveries.


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