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Title: Life-Yuien
Year: 2022
Technique: Acrylic painting
Size: 530x455mm

This work was painted when I was in much better condition.
I painted this picture because when I entered a group home for people with disabilities, I sadly heard another resident saying unprovoked bad words, and I was very disappointed and uncomfortable with the person's malice, but the caretakers at the home encouraged and supported me, and I wanted to express the realization that I had gained from that. I wanted to express this in a painting.
This painting shows that in very sad and painful times, when we inevitably feel like giving up our lives, we are never alone and there is always someone around us with whom we are connected by many connections.
And I thought that we have to do our best to repay those people with whom we have a connection. That's why I'm alive now!
So when you are going through a hard time, I want you to remember those connections and think that you still have to live.
That's the message I put in this work.

By the way, the word "kizuna" is a word I coined, meaning "to be connected by a bond, to be bound by a bond".

Now, about the details of the painting, I drew a sun-like light once and then drew a circle on top of it.
The light like the sun, it means the energy of the universe, there is an energy in this world that works in a good direction, and people who work hard for the good of the world around them can benefit from that energy, and this is an abstract depiction of that energy.
And the circle above it represents the connection of relationships.
Connecting with different people was represented by the various coloured rings connecting with each other.

Please take a lot of energy from this painting and live a fulfilling life.

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