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Shubhangi Singh Srivastava

Shubhangi Singh Srivastava



Art has been my heart and soul. My thoughts, my vision, my love - I have the ability to pour it all out through my art. Give me a canvas, a box of colours, a couple of paint brush-es, and I am ready to express my feelings and experiences in the best possible manner. I started my journey as a professional artist in 2017 and completed my diploma in Fine Arts from National Institute of Fine Arts - Delhi, India (NIFA) in the same year. I also completed a course in Abstract Art and Interpretation from International Fine Art Academy - Indore, India (IFAA) in 2018. I have been learning and growing as a self-taught expressionist since then.
Prior to pursuing art as a full-time career, I was working as a Market Research Professional with a professional services firm (KPMG) and have 6+ years’ experience in the corporate world.
My style of artwork is hugely inspired by Indian artists V.S. Gaitonde, Natvar Bhavsar, and Clifford Still (the eminent colour field artist). I believe colours have their own beautiful language and can express delight. My focus, therefore, has always been in using a pletho-ra of colours and blending them together to create a story of their own. I carry a lot of in-spiration from my surroundings and spirituality in my art.
During these years, I have exhibited my artworks in multiple art exhibitions within the country and internationally as well. Few of them include:
- Kromatic Art – MADS MILANO – Italy
- RAD ART Exhibition – Mumbai, India
- Art Exhibit at BAD HABIT Café – Gurugram, India
- Regular art work display at Quill and Canvas Art Gallery – Gurugram, India
Along these years, I have found an audience that has given me a chance to decorate their homes and office spaces with my art.


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