The Spawning of Multiplicities
Terry Baker

The Spawning of Multiplicities



Title: The Spawning of Multiplicities
Year: 2021
Size: 36” x 36” (914.4mm x 914.4mm)
Technique: Digitally reworked mixed media collage

Description: “Everything is a bubble and anything that is not a bubble is confined within a bubble.” Bubbles of quantum foam, an infinity of them, disgorging their entrails into an already beleaguered imagination. This is the stuff of which dreams and nightmares are made. Each bubble contains a multiplicity of worlds and each world spawns its own peculiar menagerie of curiosities. Only the boundless power of the imagination can contain them in any safety. Were they to spill over into the waking world the division between sanity and madness could no longer be drawn. Dalì understood this all too well. And he was not mad.