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Janusz Tworek




Title: SocialMedia
Year: 2019
Size: 68x63
Technique: composition with an oil and acrylic painting on canvas

Social media has created its own world. Reality closed in unreal scenery, oscillating between quasi-reality and fantasy completely detached from reality. They dominated almost completely the domain of interpersonal contacts, closing them within the real fantasy they had created. They became an intermediary and at the same time a creator of the exchange of all thoughts and views. However, they stripped of interpersonal contacts of any symbolism resulting from body language, facial expressions or direct emotions. The reason for this is that people get lost in valuing what is good, bad, joyful, true or lying. The most pressing factor, i.e. direct contact with another human being, was missing. Therefore, the reality shown in the picture is a mixture of apparent reality with fantasy. In the foreground, Socialmedia, presented in strong colors, dominate both scenography and characters devoid of reality. Both characters presented in weaker colors and at the same time resulting from the dominant figure are devoid of real emotions. One of them is comically joyful, the other resigned. The scenery is exaggerated and not geometrically real, full of glitz and losing space. This is underlined by the use of gold and silver paint.

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