Blck Kelly [RMX Two]

Blck Kelly [RMX Two]



ARTWORKS [BLCK series (ongoing)] The ”BLCK series” takes a look at current events and shows their impact and our social changes. We were torn out of our world as we knew it, sometimes even isolated. The black color symbolizes that the world around us has become more difficult to perceive. But inside we have remained earthy and the colour shows us at the same time joyful of life. “BLCK KELLY [RMX Two] ” Giclee Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pater Year: 2020, Edition: 150 [+ 5 Artist Proof] Picture size: 60x40 cm / Overall size: 70x50 cm Like in music I have done a remix of an existing work called "BLCK KELLY". I like the idea of remixing visual arts as well. "BLCK KELLY [RMX Two]" is a work of art that transforms painting into digital painting and back. Painting made of color and brush is shifted into an artificial reality with digital photography. Further processed and finished with digital brush, digital oil colors and digital ink. Artist: NAE