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Title: Moon
Year: 2023
Size: F50

This work depicts the phases of the moon, the transformation of butterflies, and the integration of femininity and masculinity. Before a butterfly takes flight, inside the chrysalis, the cells from when it was a caterpillar and the cells that will become a butterfly merge without fighting to form a shape. When both people and the world undergo major changes, I think it is possible for the ``past'' and ``future'' to not be at war with each other. What seemed like a problem wasn't the problem at all. If we can see it as nothing more than an opportunity for one person to move toward the vision they call love. Fluctuation and change are part of the great flow of nature. This flow exists within each individual, and it goes without saying that it exists within each person, but its structure continues like a fractal throughout the country, the world, and even the universe. That's why, even when a person is in the midst of wavering, he or she can gently let go of the judgment of right and wrong, look toward love, and quietly think to himself, ``I love every aspect of myself (the world).'' It has immeasurable power. A work that awakens the power of the heart and allows one to quietly feel and pray.

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