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Anita Mathe

Anita Mathe



My name is Anita Mathe , I’m 44 years old and I am a Graphic artist and designer. Art is my true passion.
My career began at the age of 18 when I graduated from high school. After I finished my studies, I have tried a lot of different things as I was trying to find my passion and who I was.
When I finished my studies in High school I have decided to further my education. I have started learning graphic art and design and completed my school in 2 years.
At the age of 23 I found my path and my passion in painting and drawing. I feel blessed that I am able to express my emotions and what I feel through art and that I found my passion and true love for art.
This was the time when I realised how passionate I am about art and how much fulfilment I get from painting and drawing. At this time I gained more knowledge of different art styles and ar-tists and understanding of architecture. This has changed my whole perspective and now I look at rt in a completely different way with more interpretation.
I really love to visit old buildings ,churches.. 100s of years old buildings and paintings as they all have a story to tell.
I am self employed and currently working on building my little empire, my own world where I can just create art at any time freely but more importantly… live freely and do what I enjoy doing more than anything.
My favourite motto is “The World doesn’t make sense,so why should I paint pictured that do” from Pablo Picasso/


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