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Anina Putzi

Anina Putzi



My name is Anina Putzi and as an artist I support people in finding clarity for their own life path.

Back when I was in management consulting, I asked myself if this was the meaning of life, if this was already all that life had for me. In the process, I realized that the most important thing I can do is to help people to discover and experience clarity for their vocation and life path.

A self-determined, fulfilled, free life through recognizing one's life path. A life with meaning by reflecting on oneself and recognizing who you really are. It is about becoming aware of your uniqueness and your unique talents and strengths. It is about creating - positive reality creating.

One of the biggest challenges in life is to go your individual way, to live your vocation. Especially in our modern times, it has become the standard to adopt the paths of others. Instead of discovering our own path to success, beyond the expectations of society or other people. Overcoming the innate insecurity that prevents us from taking risks and walking even paths less traveled.

Realschool Xanten
Middle school major in art
IUBH University
Financial Management B.A.

With my abstract painting I take reference to the universe and quantum physics as a motive. Because the desires, ideals and dreams are already present in the universe or quantum field. We are all connected to it and I want to remind you with my art to make yourself on your very own life path. I want to support you to get clarity for your own life journey.
All paintings have a specific theme. I work on the intensity of the theme individually and intuitively in my art.

My vision with pure.Art Voyage is to combine abstract painting with feng shui and interior design elements to create places of energy that give strength. To restore inner and outer harmony (energetic balance). The idea is to apply art as a concept of space for interiors. From private living
space to office space and mixed-use properties, everything is possible. My focus is always aesthetic and functional design, this applies to interior as well as the appropriate art. The conscious combination with art, can transform rooms into personal energy places. I have committed myself to abstract painting. The use of as many natural materials and colors as possible are reflected in my art. Quality and nature are a guarantee for timeless, long-lasting art.

Sky ladder
Embrace the moon
Fairytale Forest
Winter solstice
“My art reminds you to turn your dreams into reality.
My art reminds you to choose a path in life that makes you truly happy.
My reminds you to find the courage to change whatever you want to change.
My art reminds you to create an active and independent life.”


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