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Tung Le




Title: SIN-Ammonia
Collection: SINCROSMO
Year: 2022
Size: 2160x2160 pixels
Technique: Motion and sound design

About SINCROSMO collection
"The Wisdom drives all species to Lunacy,
The Revolution of “Intelligence” is just a Delusion."
Under the candlelight, people prayed to the supreme gods that they had never seen. They hope good things will come to them, but deep inside all those petitions, greed and envy have burned their own dignity. Sincrosmo is a project that describes the perspec-tives of modern society, cosmology, psychology and beliefs of humans today. Specifically, in the era of rapidly developing digital technology, the human knowledge bases that are considered to be intellectual revolutions are being amplified and of course people are very proud of those achievements. Apart from those successes, there are hidden corners and consequences that humans themselves cannot foresee while they have been digging so deeply into that iceberg.”

About the artwork SIN-Ammonia
“NH3 is the scientific name that people believe in. Humans have found Ammonia, awak-ened and abused as a tool to advance their civilization. The presence of ammonia in hu-man life is becoming more and more obvious, they can be observed from every street, every corner, to the most remote places. Humans built up and made Ammonia into living entities. We still do not know if what we have created is right or wrong because it is in-herently abstract. Let's see where the intellectual revolution will lead us to.”

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