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Alejandra Abad

Alejandra Abad



Alejandra Abad was born in 1989  in Ecuador and grew up in the Italian part of Switzerland. She has life and professional experiences in four continents and these countries have enriched her with multiple cultural perspectives and enabled her to learn several languages.

She is a graduate from the prestigious EHL Hospitality Business School and a successful business woman in Zurich, Switzerland.

Since she was a child her passion was to create, draw and paint. During the pandemic, she had more time to reflect and give weight to an important side of herself: the Artist.

During this process, she met Rolando Duartes, a Cuban artist living in Switzerland, who saw her potential and started teaching her techniques and supporting her in the development of her creativity with a holistic approach. 

She uses painting as a way to connect with her body, mind and heart. As a tool of self-discovery and self-awareness.  
In addition, she uses the influence of music and food in her creative process and uses them as a way to enter and stay in her creative flow.

In her paintings you can see her Latin American roots but also the influence from her travels: the colours from street art and the shades and shapes from nature and food.


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