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Eli Bajet

Eli Bajet



I am a French-Canadian photographer. I take pictures of the clouds and dress them with colors to bring joy and happiness to the world.
Clouds are my subject matter. Fascinated by their ephemeral beauty, they have shaped my work and how I see the world.
Like our soul, no two cloud formations are alike and that’s what makes them.
What I capture with my work mirrors the individuality and beauty within us.
My art is an invitation to be free to be yourself without any fear and follow what makes you happy - Like ahe cloud floating freely in the sky.
Every piece starts with a cloud photography from my accumulated collection. I then add colors to bring the right balance of joy and harmony to the piece.
Born and raised in France outside of Paris, I now live in Canada and call Ontario my home.
Paraiso is my first exhibition in Italy and I’m grateful to bring this message of freedom and happiness to you through my art.

Why on cloud art?
Being” On Cloud Art” is the state of blissful happiness I feel when I’m free and fully myself – like a cloud floating freely happily in the sky. This is the feeling I want to convey with my art. Come join me On Cloud Art!


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