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Liberty Beautiful
Christina Walsh

Liberty Beautiful



Title: Liberty Beautiful

Year: 2022

Size: 45,72x61 cm
Technique: Mixed media and acrylic on canvas

America wants to be beautiful and strong, but continues to suffer from self delusion through a general lack of agency imposed on her people.

This is the latest in my artwear collection that includes equestrian sport shirts, scarves, palazzo wide leg pant, and a wonderful reversible dress that doubles as the famed little black dress and perfect for traveling again in the world when it becomes a little safer to do so. The intimacy of artwear has opened up a new world to me as an artist and creator. Throughout the pandemic, we artists have struggled to keep moving forward when galleries closed and everything became so much more complicated. This forced me to look at new possibilities and began working with a clothing designer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. LeGaleriste has created for me, the possibility of wearing art, and even as the artist, I continue to discover new details as a move about wearing the art. In some way, it enables the beholder of art, to actually become part of the art in a new and refreshing way. Sometimes it is a hint, sometimes more bold, and it carries power, when we wear what we love in the way of art. It produces a strange confidence that is otherwise not seen, like being part of an inside joke.

Experimenting with vegan fabrics, waterbased inks, and a digital palette that becomes limited only by imagination.

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