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Individualistic Perspectivism
Alex Birdfox

Individualistic Perspectivism



Title : Individualistic Perspectivism Year of Execution: 2020 Dimensions: 120 cm x 90cm x 5cm Techniques used: Acrylic on Canvas Style: Contemporary Aboriginal Dot Painting Country: Australia Aboriginal art is one of the oldest surviving art forms and is deeply rooted within its meaning, each piece created by an Aboriginal person must have a message and purpose. This piece is the representation of my philosophy on life, which is a combination of two schools of thought, 'perspectivism' and 'individualism', however, I believe that they are intertwined and not separate. It is the idea that an individual's perspective and perception of an experience and the thoughts and emotions that follow are unique and infinite. This is shown in this piece with the vertical row representing the self, the diagonal line represents the infinite spectrum of thought and emotion and the horizontal row is a reminder to remain grounded when processing those experiences. Although we all share the same space within reality and place in the universe, it is the internal experience of each individual that makes our existence powerfully immense and entirely unique. Artist: Alex Birdfox

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