Death in the mirror
Misha Fryc

Death in the mirror



Death in the mirror Technique Oil painting on canvas Dimensions 75×55 cm Year 2019 This dark piece comes from depression. (looking into a mirror where instead of myself, I see a vision of my death/future.) It represents my connection with it. The image in the mirror is painted in a way that is more abstract so that there is a difference between what is in the mirror and a realistic hand touching it. “Hello Darkness, my old friend. How have you been? What do you do when it feels as if you were not able to get what you wanted the most in life? Do you want to live anyway? I don’t always feel like it.” ”Do I want to live my life in pain?” And from this comes the realization that I am not going to be here forever. And maybe I don’t really care whether I die in a year or in 60 years. When my time comes, it comes, and I am OK with it. But there is a silver lining. It motivates me to do more work, to make more paintings and to make the best of my life. Artist: Misha Fryc