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Never for Money Always for Love
Rachel Varden

Never for Money Always for Love



Title: Never for Money Always for Love
Year: 2021
Size: 80x100 cm x 2.5 cm
Technique: Acrylic, pen and Posca Marker on Linen

This painting is predominately inspired by stone carvings found at Glenstal Abbey, Co. Limerick, Ireland. It has been developed from a series of works called ‘The Scaredy-cat Collection’. It incorporates a-lot of elements from previously made work and it shows Rachel's love of primitive art, pattern, colour and ‘Outsider Art’. The Coming Out Exhibition really resonates with Rachel as it is through her work she tries to find answers to her own fears and inadequacies.
“I create worlds of imagination that are charged with symbolism and I have always underlying narratives that I hope leaves the viewer intrigued, confused and curious. I use bold colours to trick the viewer into thinking that my work is happy and cheerful but on closer inspection there is a sinister element to all my work. I guess it is my way of dealing with aniexty and fear trying to get these monkeys of my back and resolving these self-inflicted issues through my work”.

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