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Ian Orkis




Title Untitled Description of the work ‘ Arriving at the truth of painting and corporeality through the process of serendipity, trace and disappearance. ’ White ‘ White ’ intrinsically symbolizes ‘ emptiness ’ , ‘ discarding ’ , ‘ erasure ’ , ‘ disappearance ’ , and ‘ result of circulation ’ . Generally, a drawing or painting is ‘ drawn/painted to completion ’ , but work circulate back to the concept of repetition, created by ‘ erasing what was drawn/painted ’ again and again. Also, the act of drawing/painting and erasure collide, disappearing each other and existing for each other, and the presence of two opposites existing as equals is in line with the laws of nature. Technique Painting (OiI on canvas) Created on April 2020 Artwork Size Width 94.8cm Height 119.9 cm Depth Artist: Ian Orkis

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